Day 05 – Saving you saved me

Day 05 – Something you hope to do in your life.

I put off writing this post yesterday; I wasn’t filled with my usual hope and enthusiasm for life. Not much has changed since then but I feel the need to write tonight. Maybe it will help.

Hope. I like that word; it allows me to take myself out of context. Saying it consciously is like taking the fuzziness away when I squint my constantly deteriorating eyes; it permits me to look further ahead in this dark tunnel of my mind in search of a of light. Even if its jut a flicker.

I hope to save someone someday, change their life for the better.

Maybe that way I can feel like a better person, a person who is worthy of this life they have been given.

Maybe it might save me too.

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One Response to Day 05 – Saving you saved me

  1. anon says:

    You need to believe in yourself a little more, and believe in God the most.

    He doesnt give you more than what you can take. This is your test. dont forget about the bigger picture. dont forget why you truly are placed on this earth. not for love, not for companionship or wealth or happiness. but for 3ibadah, worship.

    when you get down in the dumps and fall to your feet, your in the best position to pray.

    the one thing that will save you on this planet is religion and God alone..take comfort in the words of the quran.

    god is the most forgiving, the most merciful.

    take advantage of dua. speak to him.

    you never know how things may go…and always remember that theres a reason for everything, a reason that anything and everything happens. its all written.

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