Day 07 – Footprints

Day 07 – Someone who has made your life worth living for.

I guess in some way everyone you care about or everyone that is making some sort of active difference in your life is worth living for. Some people would approach today’s topic as ‘Ahh if this person wasn’t here I don’t know how I’d live’ etc. Sadly (or not, depending how you look at it) I don’t have anyone that I can say that about. I live life because life itself is worth living. Full stop.

However, I feel I must add a foot note here; I didn’t always feel this way, in fact I felt quite the opposite. But one gloomy day a stranger and I befriended each other, and since then I haven’t been who I used to be. Ok, this is starting to sound like a narration to some cheesy feel-good find-yourself chick flick, but I am deeply serious, that’s exactly how it went down.

At times I believe that some things were just meant to be. And I do believe this was one of them. At a time where I was a little more than lost, someone came into my life and showed me that despite all its misgivings, life is truly beautiful. It wasn’t a conventional friendship. I don’t suppose it ever could be. But there we were, two complete strangers who over a short while changed our whole outlook on life, our perspectives, morals and priorities. I began to see that not everything is black and white, not everything needs a certain label or needs to fit into a certain place in life. Some things just are.

Now, that friendship is reduced to bittersweet nods of acknowledgement across a crowded street, maybe even the rare smile. If we made such a big difference to each other then why is it the way it is? Because sometimes two people, for reasons which only they know, should stay away from each other.  ‘The bigger picture’ is a prettier one for all concerned if that’s the way it stays. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your own wants and needs for the sake of others. It is what it is.

‘People always leave’ right? True. But sometimes they leave behind something much greater than themselves. They leave a mark on your heart and a speck of magic in your soul. And there you are, forever changed; amongst all the madness you call life.


You saw right through me, saw me for exactly who I was. You killed the biggest part of my self-destructiveness. You showed me that it’s ok to be how I am and be who I am. You taught me that ‘the beauty is in the flaws’.

What you did for me will never be forgotten, no matter where you are.

You left your footprints on my soul, in a place where even the highest tide could never wash them away.

And for that, I will always thank you.

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2 Responses to Day 07 – Footprints

  1. This is just beautiful. I have met someone like that too, and the impact he had on my life will always be there. I love those times when we meet the “right” person at the right time. Sad that those relationships don’t always last, but if their impact does, that’s what really matters. That’s the important truth that I tend to forget when I’m feeling sad or hopeless. That sometimes people, as flawed as they are, are our salvation when we need it the most. It gives me faith in humanity. Thanks for sharing this post. It has reminded me of just how much I have to be grateful for!

    • It is definately sad. But i think the thing that always sways it to a ‘beautiful sadness’ for me is that the impact and the beauty woulnt be as bold as it is (and probably always will be) if our paths still crossed….Don’t forget that everyone serves their own unique purpose, it may not be the purpose we want it to be, but just because they didn’t serve that ‘right’ purpose it doesn’t mean that there won’t be someone who comes along and as is exactly where u want them to be!…Always be greatful and hopeful, never forget the beauty of it all 🙂

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