Day 08 – Enough is enough. Im done.

Day 08 – Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit.

There is actually no one who comes to mind automatically. Thinking hard about this though, I can probably list a couple of people who have treated me like shit. But then it depends on what you define as ‘shit’, because the more I think about it the more names I can add to my list.

Some people have done it intentionally; maybe their own insecurities underlay their actions, maybe it was just a reflection of their shit-selves. I don’t know, and I guess now I actually don’t care. The more time you stay hung up on what people did or didn’t do, the longer you allow them to be victorious. There’s no point dwelling on it; they wronged you on purpose hence they are not even worth your thoughts. Forget about them. They don’t deserve to win.

Some people don’t want to treat you like shit but end up doing so as an indirect result of their actions. Maybe they only thought of themselves; they were selfish. Or maybe they just didn’t realise how their decisions would affect you and now they deserve the benefit of the doubt. We all make mistakes right?

However the people who I’m thinking about fall into the following group. These are the people whose nasty side is just as bold as their sweet side. Initially, they suck you in with their gentle persona, so caring, so tender. You begin building up a picture of them, almost as if you see light radiating from them. Aren’t they so pure and good-hearted?! Ummm NO! It doesn’t take long for your fabricated version of them to become tainted. It happens slowly, creeping like old age. Something they do hurts you. You let it pass. Something they say upsets you. You let it pass. It carries on (depending on how high your patience threshold is) until you finally confront them. They apologise, ‘It won’t happen again’. You put their actions down to human nature; no one is perfect, we’re all flawed. And just like magic, your stern words seemed to have done the trick; the sweet side reappears. However, so does predictability; the lets-not-consider-how-this-affects-you actions start up again. They are aware their actions hurt you, you’ve made it clear yet they still carry on. It’s almost as if they get a kick out of making you feel shit. Maybe it’s about power; they have the power to make you feel so down, yet they also have the power to make you feel just as high.

No. No one is perfect, but that is not a good enough reason to justify people continuously mistreating you. You can’t keep giving people the benefit of the doubt, especially when they keep hurting you. Maybe it’s how they are programmed to function; but this supposition doesn’t right the wrongs, nor does it heal the hurt.


Say sorry all you want. Chances aren’t infinite. Sometimes enough is enough.

I’m done.

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One Response to Day 08 – Enough is enough. Im done.

  1. Hear, hear! I think we all have those kinds of people in our past and that they’re in our past for a damn good reason. Yay you for finding the strength to walk away 🙂

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