Day 11 – ‘A band aid for the wounds and untreated scars’

Day 11 – Something people seem to compliment you the most on.

Finally a happier topic! 🙂

Compliments put me through a set of emotions until I end up feeling just one: I cringe. As I slowly get over this squirm worthy feeling I realise something people tend to point out often is something that actually doesn’t make me want to vomit: my smile.

I think the power of a smile is a beautiful thing. It’s simple in its essence yet still so forceful. The magnitude of its force is like the strong gale which blows your umbrella inside out on a dull grey winters day.

As soon as a smile hits me, it momentary lightens whatever load the day has chosen to place upon my shoulders. In that fleeting moment I get caught up; it’s as if nostalgia is welcomingly poisoning my troubles. I push my worries aside and allow its compelling charm to posses me. I can’t help but feel warm inside, regardless of how lost or broken I may be feeling. It seduces me; I’m a little more bright-eyed, a little less conflicted.

But a smile is not like them; it is not selfish, it does not discriminate. It’s just a simple domino effect; I smile, you smile, she smiles, he smiles. We all smile. It’s infectious and this time I definitely don’t want the jab.

A smile is actually way too underrated. On smile-absent days, I find myself using considerable exertion to try and push my negative ideas off the top of that isolated one-hundred-storey sky scraper, the sky scraper which seems to reflect my lonely surroundings. The only difference is that I don’t feel like I’m standing so high; I’m just another face in this lifeless crowd. I finally manage to push the negative ideas away. I don’t want to catch them as they fall away from me, yet I take a leap and jump after them anyway. Falling through the air seems to last an eternity, a space inbetween dream and reality, a place where I long for numbness. Then, unexpectedly, it hits me – a smile; all of a sudden, adrenaline begins pulsating through my veins, I’m almost euphoric. Suddenly I land, yet suprisingly this time I don’t crash. That smile has placed a soft cushion on the cold hard ground for me. I simply bounce back up with grace; the negativity seems to have lost its command.

Smile, it’s an act of kindness.

Smile, let it release your stress.

Smile, it can soften your heart.

Smile, ‘It’s a band aid for the wounds and untreated scars’! :

– A beautiful song. Smiling yet?! 🙂

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3 Responses to Day 11 – ‘A band aid for the wounds and untreated scars’

  1. I bet your smile makes the sun jealous and the moon sing. Love you. ♥

  2. La Vie en Rose says:

    Love love love this. Sure hell made me smile 🙂

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