Just Hold On

When you’re all alone, exhausted and having lost faith in people, in the world and in good

When hope is the road untraveled

When objects of inspiration begin to dishearten

When you’re broken and can’t articulate why

When you become a stranger in your own home

When you realise time is moving but you’re still stuck

When you’re lost and the destination is unknown

When they break promises to always be there

When you render yourself powerless

When natural saviours become spectators of your self-destruction

When you realise you’ve always been and always will be a one-woman army

When you don’t belong anymore

When pain cuts through the surface once more

When there is no where left to run

When peace implodes

When you realise you probably deserved it

When energy to feel deserts you

…Just hold on


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4 Responses to Just Hold On

  1. Thats right girly! Hold on! This too shall pass. God how I’ve been right here! Feeling this! Great write!

    A couple of mine that are related:
    “its always raining”
    “what happens when your heart dies”

    Love & hugs

  2. terri says:

    Very powerful.

  3. Beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes.

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